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“You don't create a 15 year relationship unless you deliver”

- Craig Gordon

“We enjoy our partnership with BT&P, and especially Jacqueline Liddicoat who understands our business, and our HR needs so well. Over the years Jacqueline has given us many hours of her time and we’re extremely grateful for her industry knowledge, her insight and care.

Jacqueline always sends through solid candidates who fit the brief perfectly, and we have employed quite a few wonderful staff members now, through BT&P.

I can certainly say - when next we need help with more staff, we know where to turn.”

- Deborah Wild
(Office Manager, SBA Architects)

“Jamie and Jacqueline have provided highly professional service to WMK for more than a decade”

- Greg Barnett, Managing Director, WMK Architecture

“The most important thing for me was that I had a contact who communicated regularly, giving me the tiniest update, keeping in the loop and making me feel comfortable throughout the process.”

- Nitika D.

“The Best Recruitment Agency for Architecture and Interior Design.
It was a pleasure to work with Stephanie and her team. Professional, Friendly & Honest. Highly recomend their services”

- Ayodhya J.

“I had the pleasure if finding my dream job with the persistence and diligence from the tam at Bloomfield Tremayne. I feel confident in saying that my experience and outcome was extremely positive”

- Emily M.

“BT&P Sydney are a devoted, personal and caring team of professionals. They are the difference in the industry of Architecture and Design recruitment. My career wouldn't have the breadth of experience and confidence without their guidance and capability to find roles suited to me and my goals. Highly recommend them as a support team for life.”

- Brendan S.

“Bloomfield Tremayne & Partners is a fantastic requirement agency! They listened to exactly what I was looking for in a new role and found me my perfect employer. A big thanks to Cadence and the Team for the efforts they put in. Also, for checking in before and after all of my interviews which meant I was always fully prepped and felt confident. The most important thing for me was that I had a contact who communicated regularly, giving me the tiniest of updates, keeping me in the loop and making me feel comfortable throughout the process. Additionally, the team in responsive and personable. I would highly recommend them”

- Nitika D.

“Bloomfield Tremayne & Partners have been incredibly helpful in my job searches over the years. Particularly Jacqueline Liddicoat. They have great connections And have placed me in some excellent roles. I find them to understand well my preferences and qualities and thoughtfully match me accordingly. Talking me through every step of the way, to ensure I find the right fit and that the company will also. I can tell it’s more about me being happy than getting a job filled.
Thanks guys!”

- Sabrina S.

“I had a wonderful experience with Bloomfield Tremayne & Partners. I felt valued and understood throughout the process, and felt my contact at the firm (Jamie) was profoundly thorough, understanding and professional. I had applied for a position several months prior to him reaching out to me for the role I am now in, and appreciated immensely that he had taken the care to a) keep me on file and b) reach out when a role suited. Every interaction was informative and I always felt as though I was kept in the loop. I highly recommend this business for both employers and people looking for work. Thank you to Jamie in particular, and Bloomfield Tremayne & Partners as a whole.

- Sarah C.
Pony Design Co. - Restwell St. Lobby


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Market Update: Sydney Architecture and Interior Design, Autumn 2021

Welcome to the overview of the Architectural and Interior Design job market that covers what we’ve seen over the last few months in Sydney for the start of 2021. This report will hopefully give some insight into what is happening in the NSW Architectural and Interior Design job markets from our vantage point of recruiting for a vast range of Architectural and Interior Design firms in Australia.

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