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George Bloomfield

Founding Partner

The founder of BT&P way back in 1986, George knows his stuff – he’s seen it all; the ups and the downs that come with experience.
Semi Retired now, the foundations built by George of what makes a business last are tried and tested and continue today.

Jacqueline Liddicoat

Managing Partner

Jacqueline knows all the ins-and-outs of Recruitment and Business Operations. Overseeing the Sydney Team, she is an enthusiastic motivator with a can-do attitude.  
Wearing many hats at any given time, Jacqueline is a multi-talented powerhouse who not only goes above and beyond to fulfill your recruitment needs, she is also head of BT&P strategic and marketing initiatives.

Bruce Whetters

Senior Partner

The backbone of the Melbourne Team, Bruce has been with BT&P since 1987. An expert in technical recruitment, Bruce’s unmatched knowledge ensures both candidate and client walk away with an ideal outcome.  
Bruce knows the industry inside and out. Understanding your current needs, his knowledge of what makes a practice tick will always ensure you find the best fit. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, he is always open to offer career or practice advice.

Jamie Keay


If you want to know what’s going on in Sydney, call Jamie. Years of unparalleled Sydney market experience and knowledge means he is the only person to call.
Jamie is our resident Consultant lead and does throw in a mean pun whenever he can. Coal face industry knowledge, service and a sense of humour = Jamie.

Stephanie Gleeson

Senior Associate Director

Having studied Interior Design at RMIT and recently completing her MBA, Stephanie has tight ties within the industry. Not only wielding an intimate knowledge of design, she has a unique understanding of business and commercial viability.
Stephanie is a natural driver among the team, not only producing outstanding results among her own contacts, but also ensuring the team works together to produce amazing outcomes across the board. Driven, we think so, and you will too.

Munashe Chitima


The larrikin of the team, Munashe doesn’t ever not have a smile on his face. Able to build tight relationships with Clients & Candidates alike, Munashe’s bright personality will always ensure you have a fantastic recruitment experience.  
With a focus on developing strong relationships, Munashe knows what goes in to maintaining a positive office culture, in fact he is the office culture, from inflatable dinosaur outfits to zippy one liners, Munashe’s energy is infectious and incredibly motivating for Clients and Candidate alike.

Ileana Bazzano


With her incredible industry knowledge and natural talent for listening, and going the extra mile to support her team and clients, we are thrilled to have Ileana on board!
Having originally studied architecture in Italy, Ileana moved to Australia in 2014. After 8 years of working of with mid-size and small practices on education, commercial and residential projects in Sydney, Ileana joined BT&P as a consultant at the beginning of 2024.      

Elisa Dowdle

Candidate Coordinator

Third time’s the charm with Elisa, after returning from South Africa, she has re-joined the BT&P team. Shifting away from Consulting, she has focused herself on Candidate relationships and resourcing.  
With a finger on the pulse across the Candidate market, Elisa is always open to offering advice, feedback, or just a general chat about career advice, you want a chat – call Elisa.  

Shiela De La Cruz

Accounts Manager

The master of accounts, Shiela is a pool of knowledge in the realm of Accounts and Finance.
Keeping the books running smoothly for BT&P, she’s the one in the know. You have an accounts query – you go to Shiela.

Gemma Hillas

Personal Assistant

We think there’s pretty much nothing Gemma can’t do…she knows all the Candidates and Clients, is on top of the ops and marketing, dabbles in tech and basically keeps everything running in the Melbourne office…literally our wonderwoman super star!  

Monica Raviolos

Personal Assistant

Keeping the Sydney team in line, Monica is organised, thorough, and always happy to offer a helping hand. Working across administration, marketing, and accounts, Monica is a multi-talented superstar.  
Never one to say no to a challenge, Monica will jump in to get the job done in the time it takes for you to wonder who can help you. You want admin action, Monica is all over it.

Sam Eastwood

Administration Assistant

Welcome to our new Melbourne Administration Assistant Sam! If you need something crafted, drafted, answered, edited, researched or fixed, he’s likely already handling it before you’ve asked!
Sam is a jack of all trades. He has a knack for using his creativity to solve problems and ensure smooth agency operations.

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