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4th April 2019 / Market Updates

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We are proud to announce our latest affiliation in the UK with JaK Consultancy. Let’s meet our new partners in crime!

Headed up by Oliver Tidmarsh and Stephen Foley, JaK consultancy started in 2010, but prior to this Stephen had set up Folio Personnel which Oliver later joined in 2006.

We love these guys, running a busy team, Steve has been in the design and architectural industry for many years helping companies build teams from the bottom up. Oliver has been working in recruitment since 2006 and has a strong background in design and is very much focussed locally as well as internationally where their infiltration is far reaching in Asia and the Middle East.

JaK also covers the UK and Europe with many of their clients working across Europe and now setting up offices in Berlin, Dublin, Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. Globally JaK has always been involved with overseas clients and projects, with opportunities in the Middle East, South East Asia (Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand). They are far reaching and going places!

Oliver has indicated that despite the Brexit fear, the market is very busy and is in fact JaK’s busiest and most successful start since business began back in 2010.

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As part of our latest update Oliver has jumped on board to give us a little idea of what JaK are currently finding in the market: “This year there have been some ups and downs with the job market here in the UK and there is a growing level of caution. Of course, a big part of this is to do with Brexit. Having said this, figures suggest that this is the highest employment since records began in 1971 at 76.1%. The jobless rate of 3.9% is well below the EU average of 6.5%.

Another positive point is that average weekly earnings, excluding bonuses were estimated to have increased by 3.4%, before adjusting for inflation, which is still outpacing inflation. JaK have certainly noticed this as salaries last year in 2018 and so far, this year do appear to have taken a steep increase in the UK and London. This is across all sectors, although commercial office design and build is still one of the best paying sectors within the design and architectural industries. Followed by some of the co working serviced office companies that have come to life following the success of Wework.

Other well paid sectors being high end hospitality design and working for developers. Architecture generally still pays lower salaries and this is mainly dependant on profit margins made on projects and the length of time for completion of projects within architecture, overseas investment slowing has played a part too”

The affiliation of Bloomfield Tremayne and Partners is a very exciting time and both JaK and BtandP are very enthusiastic about the positive working relationship. JaK have already experienced great success with the placements of Australian candidates. So if you are looking to travel abroad or happen to be reading this and thinking of coming to Australia, please do not hesitate to make contact as BTandP and JaK are there to help every step of the way.

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