Coffee with Robbie Robertson of MashUp

Coffee withRobbie Robertson from MashUp!

Jamie in our Sydney office caught up over in Darlinghurst for a Coffee recently with Robbie Robertson, the owner of customer experience consultancy, MashUp. The following are some of the highlights from their Q&A session!


Robbie and the team at MashUp, focus on experiences that the customers go through, particularly in fusing digital and physical touch points, in order to provide amazing strategic design solutions for their clients. They specialize within the retail sector but have also successfully delivered projects within the corporate sector.

Robbie has an extensive career working in London and Sydney and having cut his teeth with the likes of Imagination and Landor; and more recently successfully running design agency, E2. Earlier this year, Robbie set up the dynamic consultancy, MashUp; who have quickly grown to become a major player in the Sydney design market.

For more information on MashUp, check out their website and also to see a quick glimpse of Robbie in action follow this link to from their site: Robbie Robertson

Quick facts to set the scene!

  • Name is: Robbie Robertson
  • Working at: MashUp
  • Fancy title: Owner
  • Drinking: Skim Flat White
  • Meeting up: Darlinghurst


1. The question we always ask…first job in the industry?

‘My first job was working with Jack Morton Worldwide in London. My first project (ironically) was working on a key Australian client where I was asked to work on ‘Australian time’ for 4 months, working all through the night!’

2.    Advice for someone starting out?
i)    ‘To be aware that you start your learning and training the day you finish Uni.
ii)    To be open minded and ask lots of questions.
iii)    To make mistakes by trying things for yourself and finally…
iv)    Throw yourself into things… 100%’

3.    Key traits you look for when hiring staff?
‘I can teach the technical side of things but key with all the staff I hire… passion, a positive outlook and most importantly, never hire anyone you would not feel comfortable inviting to your house for a BBQ!‘


4.    Favourite food?
‘Cheese – a great, aged, French Brie.‘

5.    Least preferred style of Architecture
‘Though I appreciate Modernist Architecture and understand its importance and influence on Design, I would say its personally, my least favourite style of Architecture.’

6.    Your idea of fun is:
‘Being on boat with 6 of my best friends, throwing away our watches, phones and shoes and just heading off for quality time with close friends and getting away from it all.’

7.    Industry gripes…got any?
‘Lack of collaboration on projects! Especially when different design firms all come together on a multi-faceted project. There is too much focus on wanting to protect your own interests, without opening yourself up to a collaborative approach. In my opinion, this is short sighted and unfortunately means that the project potential is often not reached. I’ve noticed that companies in the UK are more open to a collaborative approach, I feel that Australian firms need to be a little more open to this.’

8.    In one word – how would people describe you?

9.    Your hang out of choice?
‘Soho House, New York (next to pool)’

10.    Finish this sentence…”If I had my time again I would…..”
‘Not much to be honest, maybe more opportunity to teach but I do not regret anything about my career, I love the industry that I am in and am passionate about it!’

Thanks Robbie…

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