Market Update: London Architecture & Interior Design, May 2023

28th April 2023 / Market Updates

Oliver Tidmarsh, founder of Jak Consultancy and our awesome UK affiliate has given us a good insight into their local market and how the industry is faring thus far in 2023 in addition to some helpful hints and potential hurdles for anyone considering trekking over for work. Here’s what Oliver had to share:

Photo: Adrian Audaschl

In 2023, the recruitment market in London has seen a drop, which some estimate to be around 35%, following a busy year in 2022.

However, Jak, a recruitment agency focusing on Architecture and Design, has found that the drop is not as significant as some suggest, and there is a feeling that the market has reached the bottom and is quickly changing. While demand for skilled workers is high, businesses are struggling to find suitable candidates with the necessary skills, and approximately 80% of small firms are experiencing recruitment difficulties. The shortages are due to an imbalance between supply and demand, partly caused by the pandemic and a rise in economic inactivity, including students and those with long-term illnesses. Brexit-related factors may also have contributed to supply issues.

Despite this, London’s economy remains robust, and many significant organizations and start-ups continue to commit to the city. London is a significant hub for various industries and boasts a thriving culture and art scene, making it an attractive place to live and work. Jak has observed high demand for technical and coordination of projects, with Revit being high on the list of skills needed.

Photo: Ousa Chea

The busy sectors include Lab, Healthcare, and Workplace. Salaries have increased slightly, but the cost of living has also increased, and it is thought that it will start dropping towards the end of 2023/2024. Australians may have an advantage in the UK job market due to their lack of language barriers and great universities.

If looking to come across to the UK, before you embark on the lengthy process of choosing a visa, applying for it and waiting for it, you should find out if you actually need to bother. Right of abode in the UK means you can live there without having to deal with any kind of immigration restrictions. However, there are three conditions that you need to meet in order to have right of abode: 

  1. One of your parents was born in the UK (and was still a UK citizen when you were born)
  2. You were born before 1st January 1983 into a Commonwealth country
  3. You have never ceased to be a Commonwealth citizen since 31st December 1982

If you entered the world more recently and both of your parents are proper Aussies then check this link on how to apply We’re afraid you’ve got a bit of work to do. 

Interesting update Oliver – many thanks!! If anyone is considering making a move to the UK, check out the Jak website here to view latest roles and then get in touch with us here in Sydney or Melbourne and we’ll definitely help you on your way!

Oliver Tidmarsh

Partner – Jak Consultancy

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