New Zealand Market Update – Autumn 2019

4th April 2019 / Market Updates


Across the shore to our most favourite neighbours, we spoke to our long term highly valued New Zealand Affiliate Shane Fenton from A&S Consulting to see how they have found 2019 thus far.

Shane has indicated that NZ still busy in sectors, they are finding the March 31st End of Financial year can affect things. Residential is still busy, mainly Townhouses/Multi unit developments mostly through the main housing companies.

The roles that come through are very specific right now, ArchiCAD and Revit is very much the software that dominates and Clients will only move if all boxes are ticked on skills, software, projects, something to bear in mind when considering roles in NZ.

Candidates with 5-10 years experience who possess all the desired skills are the most sought after no doubt. Generally speaking he is also finding homes for:

  • Revit Architectural Technicians with 5 yrs plus working on commercial
  • Revit Registered Architects (2/3yrs plus) post reg.
  • ArchiCAD Technicians and Architects commercial and residential
  • Interior Designers Commercial office fitout & Hospitality

Shane has mentioned it is pleasing to see other places in NZ also busy, Tauranga, Taupo, Wellington where Christchurch is still struggling they are either busy or things a little slow there.

Interestingly, it seems Auckland is eating land for residential developments, the land prices there are a little nuts. Shane reckons you are paying $1M for a house or townhouse on 350sq m site for new place,  20 mins further out site is 600/700sqm or go to Taupo and get 1200sqm and a view out over lake!

So generally speaking there is some residential work, not much in big retail but there are some hotels planned and a good number of interiors projects happening. Sounds not too bad!

At a fundamental level Shane believes NZ still struggling to understand the current government business thinking, lots of new rules and regulations and extra costs doesn’t give good recipe for confidence so this can affect things.

In summary market here is busy, skill shortage is still a major although requirements can be at times a tad unrealistic. The shortages don’t tend to be immediate requirements, Clients will hang out for the right one, which makes for an interesting market for sure!


Shane Fenton

A&S Consulting – New Zealand

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