My year in Recruitment and the 5 things Architects and Designers taught me….


My year in Recruitment – and the 5 things Architects and Designers taught me..

At the end of March this year, I will have reached the milestone of my first full year in Recruitment.

If someone had asked me when I first started; you think you’ve got what it takes? The arrogant and fearless me back then would have jumped straight back in and said, “Absolutely. This will be easy, BRING IT ON!.”

Nostalgically looking back now, how could I have been so wrong?

In my first year… there have been ups, downs, sidelines and breakdowns…talk about a roller coaster! What has surprised me the most is what I have learnt from all the Architects and Interior Designers I have met….things that have really stuck and I truly appreciate…..there have been many but here are my personal top 5…

1. The smallest details matter… In the pursuit for excellence it seems only logical that at the very core, the very fundamentals must be right, right down to the most basic or intrinsic detail. It all matters. I have never heard in an interview “It doesn’t matter, it can be fixed later.” There is nothing but painstaking hours and weeks and months slaved over a computer to ensure even the smallest of details are perfected.
The smallest details matter, whether it be an assessment, an advertisement, or the ironing of your suit shirt in the morning. Details matter. So says pretty much ALL ARCHITECTS!

2. There is always room for improvement… like with all things in this life. I remember sitting in awe of a portfolio, having design-envy; to only hear self-criticism and justification on flaws that I could not even see. Interestingly the overwhelming majority of Designers and Architects are seeking to improve…I am definitely adopting this one!

3. There is so much more to architecture than meets the eye… it’s interesting when you start looking at Architecture and you start to understand not only the concept behind the space, but the design methodology used and the process in which the design was scrutinized to arrive at; you standing in the space … feeling what you feel … was all thought about before you even arrived. I can honestly say I never EVER appreciated this…so not only have had my eyes opened here but I can truly understand now, how UNDER appreciated you guys are!

4. Even the best of designs come under scrutiny… like it or not the world we live in now demands and expects scrutiny and judgement and not always in our favour. In the past year, I have seen concepts that have made headlines some for the right, and some for the wrong reasons. The funny thing is, and I believe that regardless what you or I might think – someone somewhere found the beauty in a particlar design…a serious lesson in subjectiveness of opinion!

5. Recruiting in Architecture … it’s not as easy as ticking all the boxes! If there is one thing that Architects and Interior Designers have taught me, every single person is different. Everyone has a different background, design aesthetic, intention, career goal and I am yet to interview two candidates that are similar in any way, shape or form. I think the same can be said for Architecture in general; although two buildings, or two interiors may look the same on paper or on face-value; there are a thousand different nuances that make that room, or space different – or special.

The saying goes; “Time flies when you are having fun.” I feel like I have almost blinked and the year has disappeared in to a flurry of interviews, candidate meetings, phone calls, client meetings and placements.

I remember my interview, I was told: We don’t do staff turnover. It’s not something we do in our organization.” I thought to myself, yeah right – everyone leaves eventually. After now working in a team that has people with over 29 years experience in the Industry in it as well as others with say 15, 10, 5 and me at 1…well all I can say is I now know they weren’t lying – and I can see why. It’s a stark contrast to the daily role of changing candidates lives daily.

My first year has seen tears, smiles, laughter a bunch of learning and internal screaming… but I wouldn’t change it for the world. And I owe many of my lessons to the Architects and Interior Designers…
Here is to the next 1.. 2.. 3.. 29..?  😉


Tyler Elliott


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