15 Minutes with Steve Fox of BIM Consulting

2nd October 2019 / Market Updates Tips & Advice
Steve Fox
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Stephanie Gleeson from our Melbourne office caught up with Steve Fox, the General Manager of BIM Consulting.

BIM Consulting are leaders in the application of digital technology in the design & delivery of projects. Steve leads a team of highly skilled individuals who are at the forefront of Architectural technology and innovation… this is what Steve had to say…

1. So… Why Architecture?
I like the creative and human-centred role that architecture plays in our lives.

2. What was your first job?
Umpiring basketball aged ten, $4 per game. Then as an Architectural graduate at Hames Sharley in Adelaide at $4p/h

3. Who or what inspires you?
Some artists inspire me, some artwork inspires me.

4. Favourite Place on Earth?
The MacDonnell Ranges in Alice springs.

5. Favorite tool on REVIT?
The Linework tool. It is wicked in an evil way. Collaborating in the cloud with Revit on BIM 360 is easily the most positive tool and a game changer for the industry.

6. The best project you ever worked on?
Kings Lynn town centre redevelopment (Suffolk). It was a transformative development for the locals.

7. Advice for those wanting to learn REVIT?
Play with it, watch online videos, test and challenge yourself in your spare time. Drive it with Dynamo, and learn Python so you can optimise Revit for your benefit.  You’ve only got yourself to blame for slow and inefficient work.

8. The most significant change in Architecture over your career?
The rise of the project management and design and construct procurement. I worked for 5 years or so without either on any projects in the firms I worked for.

9. A sentence to sum up your view of AI…
For all I know, the questions in this interview are generated from an AI learning algorithm, selecting questions which attract high readership or social media ratings. I don’t know much about it in all honesty.

10. Best advice you have ever received?
It’s advice my Polish father in law gave me. ‘A bent tree always finds a goat standing on it.’ Apparently it is supposed to remind you not to be a ‘door mat’.

11. Advice you would give to young Architects?
Champion good design, and deliver projects with integrity for the end-user. You’ll be remembered for a great building, not for the $20k you saved in value management.

12. Favourite plug-in or customisation?
RTV tools. Xporter Pro for Revit.

13. What do you love about your job?
The people, the projects, the data.

14. What do you think the market will do in the next 12 months?
It will do backflips, front flips, some difficult twisty flips, and then land on its feet.

15. When recruiting new staff, what are the traits do you look for in people?
People who show intelligence, good communication skills, have an appetite for learning are ideal, but I’ll generally employ anyone that follows the Sydney Swans.


A big thank you to Steve for taking the time to talk with us for our latest 15 minutes, providing wise words and valuable insights. Thanks again Steve!

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