Applicant Information: Top Tips on the Job Search

6th February 2016 / Tips & Advice

We suggest the following information to applicants who are considering a job search…

See a position that interests you? Or, just want to explore new opportunities?

Learn more about it and connect with us.

Start with a resume.

If yours does not show obvious connections to the position’s requirements, take a few minutes to adjust it highlighting your experience and relevance to the position.

See a position description that is perfect for a friend? A former colleague?

Send us their name, e-mail address or telephone number — we’d love to be able to help out your friends as well!

May we use your name? Let us know.

How current are the job listings?

Job descriptions are posted as soon as we get them and deleted from the list when filled. Some are updated and changed as a clients’ situation change.

Just exploring? Check out what we need to see in a resume…

Before sending the resume, it is helpful if you’re able to write a short letter to send with the resume telling us:

  • The job number(s) listed of the position(s) you are interested in
  • Why you want to make a change or why you left your previous situation
  • In general, the type of position or situation you are looking for
  • Your geographic preferences or limitations
  • When you can be available for a new position (i.e. 2 weeks after receiving an offer)
  • What are your salary requirements or what kind of package are you looking for?
  • What other contacts you’ve made recently: sending resumes, making calls, having interviews — (this will also help to ensure that we don’t double up with any firms you’re already in contact with)
  • Also tell us about any special circumstances that will influence your decision about a new position or a prospective employer’s interest in you.
  • How you heard about us or found our site

Now you are ready to send the resume:

  • You only need to send it to us once, with the letter, no matter how many positions interest you….
  • As we work as a team at Bloomfield Tremayne & Partners, you do not need to send your resume to multiple consultants. Use e-mail, as an attachment in Word for PC is best, but other formats like Adobe Acrobat are fine.

What’s next? How does the whole process work?

  • Once our consultant has reviewed your resume and worked out whether your background, salary range, geographic location preferences and experience are a match, he/she will contact you to arrange an interview time at our offices. The purpose of this interview is not only ascertain your suitability for the position you have applied, but also to assess your needs and expectations for your new role and to see if perhaps you may be suitable for other listed positions or future listing which may come through.
  • The consultant will provide additional information about the job description and company you are interested in, their vision, how they plans to achieve their goals, and what they want the prospective candidate to accomplish when hired.
  • The consultant will ask a series of questions designed to understand your vision and your goals, what you do best, and if you are a likely fit with the client company. (There are no right or wrong answers!)
  • If you have questions, the consultant will get the answers if he/she doesn’t have them.
  • If you are interested in going further, and the recruiter believes you are a good match, we will send your resume and a description to the client and instigate the process from there.
  • After going through the material, in most cases a day or two, the client informs the consultant if he/she is interested in meeting with you, at which time if successful an interview time will be arranged.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact one of our experienced consultants who would be more than happy to assist in your search.


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