Business as Usual from Home…

23rd March 2020 / Tips & Advice

With many offices working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have rapidly changed the way our offices communicate, plan, and function. So what can be done to assist those unaccustomed to working from home? How can we minimise impact on workflow while working remotely?

With less structure, more distractions, and a different working environment at home, it can be a struggle to keep on track.

Here are some of our top tips for keeping focussed while working remotely.

Workplace Set-up

Ensure you have a well-lit, comfortable workspace. As much as we all think working from home = working from bed, the reality is not only does this hinder productivity, you’re also bound to get a sore back/neck! Ideally you should create a space specifically for work, choose a place that motivates you with good lighting, and ergonomic furnishings.


Ensure you’re checking in frequently with your team, where you’d usually be able to talk shop by the water cooler, it is important to give status updates to those you are working with. This will also assist in holding you accountable and keeping you on track. Humans by nature are social beings, and working at home with minimal interaction outside those you live with can take a toll on your wellbeing, make sure you check in with the work crew. Consider scheduling a daily conference call on Zoom, Skype, Teams, etc.

Develop a Schedule

Netflix, children, partners, housework… The home is full of distractions, setting aside timeslots and maintaining a ‘normal’ schedule can assist with minimising the impact of external factors. Make sure you are starting and finishing work at your usual time, set aside a lunch break, and make sure you are frequently getting up from your desk to move.  

To-do Lists

Nothing is more satisfying than a completed to-do list! Keep yourself accountable by creating an itemised list of tasks. A to-do list will assist you in maintaining your focus, and giving you a sense of achievement as you tick it off!

Aim to complete your list daily, setting goals is the best way to keep on track.

Don’t Work in Your PJ’s

Stay professional; after all… you are still working. The temptation to stay in your pajamas can be a hard one to ignore. But at the end of the day keeping a sense of routine and maintaining work/life balance in the home involves sticking to your usual routine. Wake up at your usual time, shower, and get dressed as though you’re going to work.

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