Interview Preparation for Applicants

22nd February 2016 / Tips & Advice

Prior to the Interview

Your consultant at Bloomfield Tremayne & Partners will provide you with information about the company, the market environment and the position itself. It is our industry knowledge and specialist expertise that enables us to give you this insight, thereby giving you the best possible preparation before an interview.
Prepare questions you feel are relevant to the position to ask in the interview. Asking questions gives you a better understanding of the company and the position, allowing you to make a fully informed decision. Typical questions could therefore cover areas such as: range of projects, potential role, main duties, career opportunities, induction/training programs and future growth plans of the company.

Think about questions you believe may be asked. These questions will be oriented towards exploring your knowledge of the company, your reasons for wanting to work there, your past experiences, your future goals, the type of work you enjoy most, any skills or talents you may possess and how well you will fit into the organisational culture.

Evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses. You may be asked to discuss these. If you are specifically asked to discuss your weaknesses, indicate that you are aware that a weakness exists and that you are actively trying to improve any deficiency in that area.

At the Interview

Aim to arrive at the client’s offices at least 15 minutes before the agreed time. It is however desirable that you present yourself for the interview only 5 minutes before the interview (no more, no less).

Dress appropriately, that is, look professional. First impressions are very important.

Make sure you are friendly to all the people you meet, you may not be aware of exactly who they are or who may be asked an opinion of you.

Look the interviewer in the eye.

Greet the interviewer warmly and with a firm handshake.

Keep your answers as clear and concise as possible, but at the same time, do not just answer yes or no. Elaborate where possible but do not ramble. However do not feel you need to fill any periods of silence with comments.

Sit comfortably and do not fidget. If you are nervous, place your hands in your lap or in a position where your nervousness will not be visible. Remember to relax.

You should tailor your folio to the position you are applying for. For example, if the role is design based, include plenty of concepts and sketch designs. Similarly if the client works mainly on residential projects, include more residential work in your folio.

Always answer questions honestly. If you don’t you will almost certainly not get the position.

Present yourself in a confident and positive light but be careful not to appear over confident.

Listen carefully to questions and think about the answers before you give them.

Show your enthusiasm by displaying a willingness to both learn and develop your career.

Make sure you speak in a professional manner. It is important that you watch your grammar and speak clearly.

Your consultant at Bloomfield Tremayne & Partners should have already discussed remuneration with both yourself and the client, so if asked, and you feel uncomfortable about answering, refer the matter back to us. This will eliminate the possibility of under or over pricing yourself.

After the Interview

Call the consultant at Bloomfield Tremayne & Partners who referred the position to you, and discuss the interview with them. Give your impressions of how you feel the interview progressed and express your interest in or concerns with the position.

Evaluate your performance at the interview. Think about the questions or sections of the interview where you performed well and about the areas that you did not perform as well.

Once you have identified your weaknesses at interview, think about ways in which you can improve these areas.

Importantly, if at any time you find it difficult to contact the consultant you have been liaising with, please feel free to contact George Bloomfield.

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