Upskilling (For Free!) In A Time Of Uncertainty

11th May 2020 / Tips & Advice

It would be fair to say that 2020 is definitely not panning out the way any of us would have imagined – from fires to floods and now a global Pandemic, these are challenging and, as we know, unprecedented times.

In addition to the health impact, the financial pain felt is dramatic. As always, Architecture and Design tend to be the barometer of the economy and this time is no exception. Projects have halted, staff have been stood down or had hours reduced and decisions are being delayed as everyone watches and waits to see what will happen next.

Government initiatives are coming in thick and fast to provide support during this time, and a big focus is on education – not only in moving the majority of learning online but also providing more opportunities to upskill than ever – either for free or at reduced rates.

Even in ‘normal’ times, at Bloomfield Tremayne, we are constantly asked about what courses exist to learn new software or upskill in some way. It seems now is an even more important and opportune time to look at what is available within Design & Architecture, and also a little further afield!

Though it might not necessarily guarantee immediate employment, learning new skills is something that whilst not only providing professional development, can also provide focus, motivation, and a great sense of achievement, which right now, is more important than ever.

So whether you are an Architect or an Interior Designer, maybe it’s worth considering checking out what is on offer… there are a plethora of courses and options available – we did some research and created a quick link guide to just some (seriously there are so many) of the offerings out in the market right now… from Universities to Design Schools, to free software programs online and TAFE and not just purely vocational options – here’s a bit of everything, and importantly, all of it FREE!

Have fun exploring!!


Lynda – Literally courses on anything you can think of this has now become Linked In Learning – but with a free 30-day trial it’s worth a look…

Green building council – professional development options to browse through.

edX – Free online courses by Harvard, MIT, and more!

TAFE NSW – Free courses – with a limit at 2 per person, here is a range of more administrative, digital, and business courses that might interest.*-online-short-courses

The Open University – if it’s not just purely vocational learning you are interested in – maybe have a browse here – so many things to choose from! It’s even fun just to see what’s on offer!


If it’s time get digital, check these out:

Autodesk webinars

3ds Max
Software (free student version):

Software (free student version):

Software (90 day trial):

Tutorials: Software (30 day trial):

Software (14 day trial):

Software (14 day trial)

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