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I’ve never had to use BT&P before, why should I now?

We’ll provide you with insights into company cultures, and you’ll gain access to exclusive career opportunities. You’ll receive tailored salary benchmarking and access to market insights to inform your choices.

Can you tell me who your Clients are?

Who we are working with is confidential, until your interview with your BT&P consultant. We work with sole traders who are looking to hire their first staff member, through to global design studios.

Does it cost me anything to go through BT&P?

No. There are no costs to use BT&P as a job seeker.

Will your fee come out of my salary?

No. Studios request our service. Your salary will be in line or above market conditions. We are also actively working towards closing the gender pay gap within the industry.

How much is my skillset worth?

Hourly rates for Specialists and salary guidelines can be requested here.

At what point does my CV go across to your Clients?

Once you give us permission. You are in total control of where your CV goes.

What is the process?

Please click here for details on how you will be looked after by our Consultants.

Can BT&P help Graduates?

Yes. Not only do we place Graduates in roles, but we will also offer advice on portfolios and interview coaching.

How is my data and personal information protected?

Your data is safe with us. We have developed a highly secure, encrypted recruitment software. Our recruitment software is built from the world’s most advance and powerful SQL compliant open-source software.

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