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Why use BT&P?

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Can I get a discount?

Yes. If you use BT&P as your exclusive Agency of choice, you will receive discounts. If you enter into a Sole Agency agreement, you can still advertise or recruit through your own network. It’s a win win.

Does BT&P supply independent contractors?

Yes. We provide a streamlined Payroll & Administration service for Independent Contract engagements.

Why use independent contractors?

Independent Contractors can solve those ‘next day’ resourcing needs. They also provide flexibility when you are unclear of the future pipeline of work.

How will you avoid double-ups of CV’s?

CV’s will be submitted after we obtain candidate permission. We ask job seekers if they have already applied.

Do you supply staff outside of Melbourne and Sydney?

Absolutely, we have filled roles across Australia and New Zealand as well as the UK, UAE, Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong.

How secure is BT&P?

Your data is safe with us. We have developed a highly secure, encrypted recruitment software. Our recruitment software is built from the world’s most advanced and powerful SQL compliant open-source software.

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