Finding Talent

How does it work?

With the largest established recruitment network in the industry, we’ll design a solution to the most complex appointments. We will partner the right people with you; be it a short-term immediate requirement or a long-term strategic appointment, our innovative systems are designed to secure what you need, when you need it.

Step 1: Understanding your options

It’s important to know what we can offer you – permanent, short term, ArchiPay, money back guarantees, contract, temporary, payroll and administration services – together we will tailor the best solution for you.

Step 2: Developing the brief

The more detail, the better. Your Consultant will ask all the right questions to ensure everything is covered, so they understand exactly what you need.

Step 3: Let the fun begin!

Our recruitment process is multi-faceted – we start with our existing database of thousands, we promote, we search, we advertise – we refine.

Step 4: Review our shortlist

Our short lists consists of Candidates and Specialists we have met, assessed and reference checked. You will receive detailed notes, BT&P resumes and portfolios to consider for your needs.

Step 5: Interviews

Your consultant will arrange interviews and meetings with your selected Candidates and Specialists, they will ensure thorough post interview and meeting feedback is relayed and any questions answered.

Step 6: It’s a match!

Yay! You have selected your potential new hire! We will ensure the process is seamless and trouble free, your dedicated consultant will take care of it all!

What they’re saying

“You don't create a 15 year relationship unless you deliver”

- Craig Gordon

“We enjoy our partnership with BT&P, and especially Jacqueline Liddicoat who understands our business, and our HR needs so well. Over the years Jacqueline has given us many hours of her time and we’re extremely grateful for her industry knowledge, her insight and care.

Jacqueline always sends through solid candidates who fit the brief perfectly, and we have employed quite a few wonderful staff members now, through BT&P.

I can certainly say - when next we need help with more staff, we know where to turn.”

- Deborah Wild
(Office Manager, SBA Architects)

“Jamie and Jacqueline have provided highly professional service to WMK for more than a decade”

- Greg Barnett, Managing Director, WMK Architecture
Pony Design Co. - Equities First

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