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  • Elite Design Team - Eat, Breathe & Sleep Aesthetics
  • Award Winning National Architecture Powerhouse
  • Work from Design Brief through to Competition Win

A once-in-a-career opportunity to solidify your status as one of the design elite!

This studio has long been known nationally for their innovative approach and focus on quality design.

As an integral part of this company's success, you will join their front-end team and collaborate, brainstorm, and workshop early stage design with the Design Director and some of the most talented designers in the industry.

Focusing primarily on larger-scale mixed-use, residential and hotel projects, you will be able to think outside the box to innovate the way we live.

Not sold on squeezing round pegs into square holes, this studio will give you the opportunity to develop your own design methods, leaving you to explore the technology and systems that best suit you.

Your keen design eye, innovative approach will guarantee your success within this fact-paced competition environment, as such you will have:

  • A design focused portfolio showcasing well thought out, large-scale projects
  • A passion for computational and parametric design
  • A fresh take on the latest trends
  • Minimum 2 years with a leading design firm

Don't miss the chance to join the design elite in this role that is bound to elevate your career!

Reference number: M17890

Please Note: Bloomfield Tremayne adhere strictly to the Privacy Act 1989, you can be assured that your information will be kept confidential and not forwarded to a 3rd party without your consent.

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